Tecna’s Magical Diary Contest

20. června 2011 v 13:58 | Stella |  Winx novinky
Hello everyone! The Tecna's Magical Diary Contest has finished!
The theme of the contest was to write about a Magical (Nice, Happy, Fun) Day in Tecna's life (like in a Diary)!
Let's congratulate the winners!

Hi my dear Diary !

Today's a special day : my parents want i come back home today ! But... i didn't see them for a long time... I'm not reassured... What could I say ? What should I do ?... I don't know.
But i have to go and take the Magical Bus, to go on Zenith. See you !

I'm on Zenith. I'm writing on my room, at home.
Finally, everything went well. I was wrong to be worried about this : my parents are my family !
I was an idiot...
And i didn't know but... i have a sister !! My parents sent me a letter, but i didn't have it... So it was a real surprise ! Her name's Tally, but everybody call her Tally-wa. That's pretty cute !!
I'm really happy to be at home !! It's going to be a really beautiful day... Oh ! My mum is calling me ! I've got to go ! Bye & see you later, my dear diary !


Dear Diary

It was a big day for me at Alfea,it was a great morning.
Me and all the fairies were waiting for Specialists.It was the first day that we could see them.in all of those boys,one of them was shining,I don't know,I only saw him shiny because I really loved him in one look.
there was a party and all the fairies should chose a specialist for herself to dance with each other,I didn't know how can I go and tell him that I love to dance with him at that party.I was so shy.I walked around him and he saw me.he didn't tell anything and I was so sad because the party was starting and I didn't choose anyone.
everyone danced with their specialist,when the stage was free and only two fairies and specialists were there,Timmy came there and hold my hands.he asked me to dance with him.I was nervous and surprised because my favorite boy came and asked me to dance with him.well,I accept that with all my pleasure and came to the stage. everyone was looking at us.It was a big day for me because I could find my real love.



Dear Diary,

Today I start the new chapter of my life, because yesterday was the day that changed everything...
Yesterday I found a note on my bed:

Dear Tecna

Your destiny awaits you and is calling you. All will become clear this night; meet me in the Ballroom at the Crystal Palace Ruins. You must, as not only your fate but many others depend on your shoulders. You're so special...

It knew it wasn't safe! But... my heart told me to go, I did. When I arrived, it was dark, I was petrified! I arrived in the ballroom, and suddenly something spoke!

"I'm Elena Rose, and you're Princess Tecna of Trialatornia, you're the last surviving member of the Trialatornia Royal Family. Centuries ago your ancestors arrived on Zenith and settled there, though they forgot about their blood ties. You're the Princess of one of the most important planet. And you're our last hope, the people of Trialatornia are dying, soon everything will. You're the one, and now it is time to fulfil your duties."

Next thing I know a strong portal was pulling me in! It was terrible! I felt so sick! And then...

I must go, duty calls...


Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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